About Us

Why We Decided to Build Your Community

We have a deep desire to see you succeed because we know how hard it is to reach goals. We have been in the entrepreneurial world for over two decades and have many failures and many successes. We know how hard you have worked to succeed and know that even those failures have a purpose. Let us help you save time by applying all that we've learned to help your community grow without being stressed out and overwhelmed!

Who We Are

Internet Marketers who want better solutions for our communities.

Our Mission

To Save You Time and Money so you can spend more time with you family and community.

What We Do

We find and build the best solutions to help you build and grow your business.

Our History

Social Community Builder was built out of a need for a real community, a place where the members could connect, feel safe and not miss out because of algorithms that limit notifications.


When Facebook restricted out access to our people we tried a monthly service and it cost us $450 a month and it was seriously lacking. Other alternatives included forking over $80,000 or were cheap with a fraction of the tools we needed.


It was time to stop getting jacked around and find a solution. We already worked with websites, we love WordPress but needed the best combination, the best hosting, the best recipe for success. What we learned took a year and a half to figure out exactly what we needed and what was lacking to fill in the missing pieces.


If this problem was such a struggle for us to find a solution we knew we needed to do this for others. We believe you should own your content, you should not have to pay to access your community and have all of the bells and whistles so people enjoy being apart of your community. We also believe it is ridiculous to spend 10s of thousands of dollars, we want you to succeed and we want people to help people without being prisoners of a broken system.


We can't wait to see what your communities look like!

Why Choose Us?

  • We Know What you Need

    We run several of our own communities and have incredibly limited time so we know how to save you time and make it easy to run your communities!

  • We Build It, You Own It

    We don't want to own your content, that's your hard work, you never have to worry about algorithms or limited exposure, you own everything, no one can shut you down and nothing can make you lose your account.

  • Affordable

    Your own social media network costs the same for a custom website, on the lower end. With your SCB there are sales pages, a blog, courses both free and paid, social auto posting, integrating image generation and more.


Ready To Build Your Community? Let’s Build this Thing!
We deliver communities on a first come first serve basis and are currently 3 weeks booked, due to advertising this time may expand. Reserving your community now guarantees your place in our fulfillment.